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Una visió del que podrien ser i no son le Illes Balears, denunciem el que no hauria de succeir, i donem suport incondicional a les bones pràctiques en tots els camps. Encara que això sigui una pràctica perillosa al nostre país, defenssem la llibertat d'expressió com a única forma de arribar a gaudir de una democràcia plena, sense estar captius dels terroristes econòmics que ofeguen els rebels de la nostra terra. Com deia Ogilvy, la creativitat i genialitat que necessitem, la trobarem molt més facilment entre els rebels, i els inconformistes, que entre la resta.


tomeu | 28 Agost, 2009 19:00

As the best weapon against misinformation, and news poisoning that some media carry out, is simply truthful communication. I take the liberty of sending you a few consideration regarding these themes. It is true that Swine flu is an added health problem, to all those that the 21st Century gives us daily, but no more so in the Balearic Islands that, for example, in any of our cities. ¿Do you know which is the most populated area of the Islands? The South Bay of Majorca that agglutinate some 400 000 residents, plus holidaymakers during the summer, as the Swine flu and its spreading is related to the number of contacts that a human being has, it is more likely to happen in a place with more density of population than in a place with less density. The Islands have less density than most important cities of your Country or State. Summarising the previous paragraph one comes to the conclusion that the information given by some media is bias, when no entirely false, and could result in wrong decisions. In fact, as an expert in Tourism and a member of this activity for more that 25 years, I am more worried about voracity and lack of scruples of many tour operator than the swine flu. I believe that the enjoyment of holidays is put at a far greater danger by the tour operators than by the accursed swine flu. It is true that the effect of global recession has affected the finances of many people, and that as a result many expenditures must be put aside. Don’t worry, in the Balearic Islands we still supplies holidays adapted to all the financial situations. I myself have had to adapt to the lack of production in these times, and to the pressure of a carrion sector such as the distribution. Where, as must be stated, one can find anything except for dignity, and in a larger proportion, the opposite. It’s true that in the last couple of months we have suffered terrorist attacks that cost the life of two police officers, but this is a battle that affects everybody, it’s a battle of pacifists against the violent, of erudite against the illiterate, of life against death, and we are all in this battle: everyone, everywhere. That our democracies are not perfect; that’s no news! But we can improve them and be able to get read of the leaches and the incompetent; these we all have them and at all levels. But in fact, in peace, and promoting the understanding between different nations is the basis of the work of a Tour guide, introducing the visitors to the culture, history, and heritage of the people, so that the visitor can understand and appreciate them as such. That is the work of my colleagues and myself, and if you are prepared to continue to visit us, to get to know a little bit more of these Islands and their people, we are waiting and ready to be the first to explain any events that take place; the only way to explain that today’s events are sons of our past. We are waiting for you here……. Tomeu Amengual i Ventolrà MTA Sust. Tourism MBA Marketing MDPT Planning & Direction of Tourism. TOURISTIC GUIDE


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